BPR CURVATRICI srl is a company specialised in the design, production and sale, all over the the world, of tools machines for bending tubes and section bars.
The Company is situated in the heart of the new industrial area, in the south of Brescia, close to the exit Brescia West of the motorway A4 Milan-Venice.Established in 1984, from the very start it benefited from the previously experience of the founding partners. Over the years has ably constructed an indentity of its own, through its continuos research for innovation and technological up-dating, increasing the range of models. Up till now we have produced more than 32.000 bending machines. The small and dynamic structure allows us a check in every step and stage. The synergy between planning and perfomance with a strong suitability capacity has produced up date and reliable bending machines.
The research and development are wholly managed by the technical team superinted by the founding partner Mr. Pino Baroni. The design is at the service of the bending needs of the customers.
Production of the single components is entrusted to a series of smaller companies with whom we have built up a relationship of trust and constant co-operation.
Assembly of the parts is supervised completely by our staff that guarantee the checking of the single components and perfect machine functions.
Every step of the production is characterized of the scrupulous care of the details.
Before each forwarding all machines are tested under stress for a pre-established time and checked in all their functions. All these tests are officially certified with a “Running test certificate” and the “CE declaration of conformity” in which we declare the conformity with Council Directive 2006/42/CE and EMC Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/CE.
The constant increasing of sales represents the prize of our vocation for the quality and innovation.
BPR CURVATRICI exports 90% of its production, mostly in European countries and United States through its associates and a network of dealers specialized in this sector. Our dealers, thanks to training courses held in our firm, are able to guarantee direct assistance before and after sale to the final customers.
The range of BPR bending machines, from the simplest model with mechanical positioning of the bending roller, to the most sophisticated CNC, makes us able to satisfy the most different bending requirements in the various fields of application: furnishing, light steel structures, sports items, automobiles, aeronautics and aerospace, etc.