Asymetrical – 3 driven rolls Hydraulic positioning – Computerised numeric control – CNC

BA55 -Asymetrical - 3 driven rolls Hydraulic positioning - Computerised numeric control - CNC

Technical specifications
Shafts diameter mm. 55
Shafts useful lenght mm. 120
Standard rolls diameter (smooth) mm. 180
Power installed -Gear motor 2.20 Kw (50Hz).
Power installed -Pump motor 4 Kw (50 Hz).
Maximum working pressure bar 190
Bending direction left an right.
Maximum height of insertion mm 110
Working height to center of shafts mm 870 – 975
Thrust power of the hydraulic cylinder Kg 15000 + 15.000
Rotation speed of the shafts G/1′: 1-20 (50Hz)
Translation speed of the pressing roll: 0-20 mm/sec
Three driven rolls HRC 58÷60.
Steel frame FE 430B, heavily dimensioned.
Block ways with Z-Block anti-deflection system ( Patented )
Shaft in high strength alloy steel 38NiCrMo4, heat treated and ground to precision tollerance.
Gears in special alloy steel 38NiCrMo4 with precision ground teeth.
Clutch coupling mounted on the upper roll ( Torque Limiting Device ).
Working position of the shafts vertical/orizzontal.
Hydraulic cylinder thrust.
Machine weight 846 Kg.
Control console weight 104 Kg.
Machine dimensions: 890 x 1140 x 1260 h
Control console dimensions: 590 x 710 x 1220 h

Is a universal asymetrical bending machine with Computerised Numeric Control (CNC), who works in manual or in automatic mode and allows the direct insertion of the bending radius and of the data to obtain multiple forms and different developments.

The electronic control consists of a PLC central 64 bit system for control of the moving of the AXIS A1-A2 and of an industrial computer RASPBERRY Pi 64 bit- 1,4 GHz, 1 GB RAM, complete with SD card 16 GB.

Monitor LCD-HDMI-15-TFT coloured screen with active matrix for the interface with the operator, both of them assembled on detached mobile pulpit.

BPR multilingual bending program “PROBENDING 2® system” facilitated by the acquisition of the type of material and the section of the profile, with possibility of archiving the works performed and default bends. File acquisition DXF.

Execution of variable radius bends, with interpolated axes system.

Ramps of acceleration and deceleration, stop and inversion of the cycle, self-learning program and mirror cycle.

Advancement reading encoder, cycle start limit switch, connection for digital archimeter.

Electronic control of the speed settings of moving of the bending roll (up to 20 mm/sec) and of the profile displacement (up to 20 RPM) in manual or automatic cycle.

Direct connection to a personal computer using the RJ-45 ( LAN) port with auto diagnostic and automatic set up of the machine. USB connection for the transfer and the copy of the bending programs.

BA55 -Asymetrical - 3 driven rolls Hydraulic positioning - Computerised numeric control - CNC

– Control console.
– Rotation control pedal (optional).
– Lateral rectifiers.
– Service tools kit.
– Instruction manual.

Console BA55 -Asymetrical - 3 driven rolls Hydraulic positioning - Computerised numeric control - CNC