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Consolle standard Bpr Curvatrici CNC. Bending Machines.
Consolle standard CNC

The products of Bpr Curvatrici are effective for every need and type of work.

They are divided into three main categories depending on the geometry:
Pyramidal, Asymmetric and Orbital.

Regardless of the movement system, the profile bending machines can have two or three driving rolls.

The working system can be manual, hydraulic or numerically controlled.

In addition, the machines with two hydraulic cylinders for positioning the bending rollers are particularly innovative, guaranteeing considerable precision.

BPR bending machines stands out for its quality, technological innovation and design. The line, the color and the functionality make the BPR brand recognizable on the national and international market.

BA40. New. BPR CURVATRICI. Bending machines.
BA40 – CNC computerized numerical control pyramidal profile bender, operating in manual and automatic cycle, with direct insertion of the radius and bending data, to obtain multiple different shapes and developments.

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