RETROFIT – New life to your bending machines

We are pleased to present in our new editorial article the transformation of an old bending machine, model BA50.

Thanks to our experience, we have created a completely updated unit according to our latest technological innovations, in complete safety.

The images clearly show how it was possible to intervene brilliantly and with limited costs, obtaining an excellent result.

The interventions on the tube bending and profile bending machine were carried out on the base, on the internal and external mechanical parts, on the electrical system, on the electronic devices. Finally, latest generation hardware and software were installed.

The final result, therefore, shows a BA50 CNC – BPR CURVATRICI bending machine, as if it were new, revitalized and able to face new production challenges of quality, with efficiency and elegance for many years.

In this VIDEO you can see the renewed BA50 at work.