Pipe benders for everyone – CP30

The tube bender and profile bender CP30 is a pyramid bending machine with 2 driving rollers with manual positioning , particularly flexible.

Due to its ease of use and its technical characteristics, it can be considered a universal machine that lends itself well to different fields of application.

Three versions are available according to needs:

CP30 S , tube and profile benders also ideal for road transport.


-CP30 E and CP30 PR, tube and profile benders with the possibility of overturning.


RETROFIT – New life to your bending machines

We are pleased to present in our new editorial article the transformation of an old bending machine, model BA50.

Thanks to our experience, we have created a completely updated unit according to our latest technological innovations, in complete safety.

The images clearly show how it was possible to intervene brilliantly and with limited costs, obtaining an excellent result.

The interventions on the tube bending and profile bending machine were carried out on the base, on the internal and external mechanical parts, on the electrical system, on the electronic devices. Finally, latest generation hardware and software were installed.

The final result, therefore, shows a BA50 CNC – BPR CURVATRICI bending machine, as if it were new, revitalized and able to face new production challenges of quality, with efficiency and elegance for many years.

In this VIDEO you can see the renewed BA50 at work.

Welcome to our new website

We are pleased to present you Bpr curvatrici new web site .

You will find all the information you need to know and appreciate our products and equipment.

You can renew your old bending machine with our retrofit service.

We are equipped to give new life to your bending machines, making them efficient according to the latest news. This way you can continue to use them safely and more effectively.

You will thus be able to equip your bending machines with our most advanced technologies.

The particularly affordable price will allow you a great saving compared to buying a new machine.

You will find all the information you need to know and appreciate our products and equipment.

We specialize in the design, production and sale of machine tools for bending tubes and profiles all over the world.

BA55. Encoder. BPR CURVATRICI. Bending machines.
BA55. Encoder. Asymetrical, Computerised numeric control – CNC – BPR CURVATRICI Italy. Bending Machines.

The range of BPR bending machines goes from the simplest model with mechanical positioning of the bending roller to the most sophisticated with CNC. This range thus makes it possible to satisfy the most diverse bending needs in the various fields of application: furniture, light carpentry, sports items, automotive, aeronautical and aerospace industries, etc.

Furthermore, particularly innovative are the machines with two hydraulic positioning pistons which guarantee absolute flexibility.


Within the new Bpr curvatrici website you will find information relating to constant research, continuous technological updating for the improvement and increase of our range of models.

BA55. New. BPR CURVATRICI. Bending machines.
BA55. Asymetrical, Computerised numeric control – CNC – BPR CURVATRICI Italy. Bending machines.
CPH60. BPR CURVATRICI. Pyramidal, 2 driven roolls, hydraulic positioning. Bending machines.
CP30S bending machines, pyramidal, 2 driven rools, hydraulic positioning.

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